Travelling in a luxury car for the first time: Rules and tips to know

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If you are about to experience your first private transfer or journey in a luxury car with chauffeur, you are in luck.

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The difference between private and commercial transfers is obvious. And, as with any high-level experience, there are some unspoken rules to follow, known as private vehicle etiquette.

With more people booking their first private luxury car with chauffeur service in recent years, it’s more important than ever to know in advance what to expect and how to behave in a deluxe car.

Before you get on board on your first private transfer, here are a few things you should know.

1- Always be ready a little early or on time

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One of the advantages of travelling with a private chauffeur is the time. You know that your chauffeur will be waiting for you even if you are a guest. But rather than being precisely on time, we advise you to be ready at least 15-30 minutes before your scheduled pick-up time. This is basic courtesy.

Being ready a little before will give the chauffeur time to make sure everything is ready for an on-time departure. Also, not being late shows your respect and good manners.

2- Luggages

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If you booking a private transfer with chauffeur, we advise you to check with your chauffeur or company about the weight/size of your baggage. This way the chauffeur will be able to anticipate your needs by providing you a vehicle more in line with the capacity you require.

3- Red wine should be avoided

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Bringing alcohol into the car is permitted. Although there are no limitations on the alcohol you can carry, you may want to avoid red wine or any other brightly coloured beverages. The reason is simple: they can spill during the ride and you don’t want to bear the expense of replacing soiled interior components.

You can also ask the company or chauffeur to prepare the beverages you desire.

4- Make specific requests in advance

If you have any dietary or beverage requirements, please inform customer service before the ride. If you wait until after boarding to make your requests, the chauffeur will not be able to accommodate them.

5- Changing the departure time

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If something unexpected comes up, you can usually reschedule your ride. Many companies start preparing the car an hour in advance, so sometimes you also have the option to leave earlier if necessary.

Instead of showing up early or late without warning, you should notify the company of any time changes in advance. The staff will thank you and you will have a better departure experience.

Be aware that some companies have an immediate cancellation policy if you arrive more than one hour late. Others will let the crew wait a few hours without charging you anything. Just in case, you can check in your contract the conditions that apply to the late arrival or cancellation policy.

6- Book in advance

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The benefit of booking in advance is to provide the customer with the highest level of service and experience.

When you book in advance, you avoid long queues for a taxi, bus or train.

You ensure the availability of your luxury vehicle and chauffeur; and guarantee on-time arrival.

You avoid worries on your arrivals or departures as the chauffeur will meet you at the chosen location, carry your luggage and make sure you have the most pleasant and comfortable journey or transfer. And he will even be able to assist you during the trip for anything you may need.

7- Pets can travel too

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If you have agreed in advance, you can take your pet in the vehicle, but good etiquette would be to take it to the groomer first. You don’t want to leave dog or cat hairs or dirty paw marks on the seats.